Green home improvements on hold

Homeowners are delaying improvements to the sustainability of their homes, according to the latest ‘Greener Homes Attitude Tracker’ from Natwest1, as cost-of-living difficulties remain. 

Cost-of-living delay 

More than a quarter of homeowners indicated they are less inclined to implement energy saving measures in the upcoming 12 months amid enduring financial concerns. In the three months to December 2022, this figure fell for the first time since the Green Home Improvements Index started in Q2 2021. 

Furthermore, 71% of homeowners who do not plan to make modifications in the next decade cited the expense of the work as the single biggest obstacle. 

Simplicity the key 

Although homeowners continue to place importance on energy saving measures, barriers remain. Smart energy meters are the most likely sustainability measure to be installed over the next year, highlighting a preference for simplicity. 

1Natwest, 2023